Minutes of the Board Meeting in 20th IARM Congress

Executive Board Meeting and General Assembly of the International Association of Rural Health and Medicine (IARM)
At Venue A : 1:00~2:55 pm, October 11th , 2018

  • Chairman: Dr. Shintani
  • Attendees: Prof. Hannich, Dr. Ashok Patil, Prof. Claudio Colosio, Prof. Peter Lundqvist, Dr. Shengli Niu, Prof. Kyeong Soo Lee, Prof. Petar Bulat. Prof. Istvan Szilard, Dr. Shuzo Shintani, (Mr. Ichikawa, Mrs. Chrsitopher)
  1. Opening Remarks: Dr. Shintani
  2. Presentation “Past, present and future of IARM” : Prof. Hannich (IARM President)
  3. Current status report from each country: Board members
  4. Review and agreement of IARM new statutes: Refer to the other attached document 1.
  5. IARM Executive Members for next term (2018 – 2021)
    Dr. Shuzo Shintani
    President Elect
    Prof. Claudio Colosio
    Immediate Past President
    Prof. Hans-Joachim Hannich
    Honorary President
    Dr. Ashok Vikhe Patil
    Vice President
    Prof. Istvan Szilard
    Dr. Kyeong Soo Lee
    Prof. Peter Lundqvist
    Secretary General
    Dr. Tomimitsu
    Secretary General Elect
    Dr. Koji Suzuki
    Dr. Tomihiro Hayakawa
  6. Candidate country for the 21st IARM Congress
    • 2020HungaryCongress President: Prof. Istvan Szilard
    • 2021ServiaCongress President: Prof. Petar Bulat
  7. Tokyo Declaration Agreed: Refer to the other attached document 2.
  8. Closing remarks Dr. Shuzo Shintani